♥Akane Scarlett♥


"Apparently, everyone’s scared and won’t talk to me."

"Why are they scared of such a lovely girl like you? They must be crazy!"

Makoto Kino || SMC 05

Jupiter Thunderbolt

Now we have four Sailor Guardians.

Sailor Moon Crystal
Act. 5 Makoto - Sailor Jupiter


Sailor Jupiter Transformation: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon Crystal


I think I will like this version of Rei very much


The new episode of Crystal was so great. They really improved on the animation in this one. Mako-chan was perfect. Usagi was perfect. Too bad she didn’t use the disguise pen, but there wasn’t really much of a need for it anyway. 

Have a gif of happy Usagi.


Makoto and Usagi First Introduction Then and Now